Food & Nutrition

It is essential that children have a healthy, nutritional and balanced diet for their growth and development. When a child starts to attend my setting I will always find out from the parents their child’s dietary needs, including any allergies they may have.

I aim to provide nutritious and healthy meals, snacks and drinks to meets the children’s individual dietary requirements. I will avoid large quantities of fat, sugar and artificial additives, preservatives and colorings. I always ensure a wide variety of foods to ensure that the children get all the vital vitamins and minerals they need. All of the food I provide is home made.

Meal times are important times to encourage social interaction between the children and to develop a child’s independence, for example; serving food and drink and feeding themselves. It is also important to encourage the children get involved; from helping with the shopping to the preparing and cooking of meals. It will teach your child to make the right choices!

New Food Allergy Legislation

The new regulation of Food Allergies has been in place now since 13 December 2014 which requires all early years providers who provide food to comply with 14 common allergens have been recognised, and therefore any food and drink given to the children must be recorded each day.

At Little Poppets all food and drinks that a child has eaten and drank are recorded and are clearly displayed on a daily basis for parents/carers to view. The allergen content in the foods are always clearly highligted.


Weekly Menu Example

Breakfast, lunch, evening and snacks.